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3. Know how to dispose of the camp garbage and refuse. 4- Light fifteen fires in succession with fifteen matdws, at different places, one, at least, on a wet day. 5. Put up a two-man tent alone, ten tunes, for actual ser- vice, ready for storms. 6. Make the fire with rubbing-sticks of own preparation. 7. Bofl water m fifteen minutes with one matdi, one log, one axe; one quart of water in a two-quart pail. 8. Make a willow bed, or a rush mat, or an equally good one of wild material. 9. Make a waterproof roof of wildwood materials. 10. Cook twenty-one digestible meals with ordhiary camp outfits, for at least three persons. 11. Know how to make a raft. 12. Sleep out 100 nights (no roof but canvas); not neces- sarily consecutive nights. 13. Travel 500 miles, all told, in canoe, on foot, or in saddk, while sleeping out. 14. Have charge of a camp of five or mwe foe seven suns (one week) and keep all going in good shape. Chabakwed

Camp Cook


The Degree of Camp Cook may be conferred on any one who takes si;c of these tests: I. Make a good fireplace of wood, of stone, or earth. a. Light fifteen fires with fifteoi successive matches, aBe on a wet day. 3. Bake five batches of good bread in a Dutch oven. 4. Bake five batches of good bread in a frying pan bef<»e the open fire. 5. Cook twenty-OM digestive meab over campfire for a parUr of two or mere. 0. Boil a quart of water in a two-quart pail in ten min- utes. 7. Cook a meal consisting of baked bread, fried meat or fish, roast meat or boiled potatoes without any utensils or tools but a hatchet 8. Tram a class in cooking, showing and making them do it properly. '