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14 Woodcraft Manual for Girls FUtEBOAT buk bbe on pale gnen. A loof whittk. THUNDER CANOE Black or dark gray on pale blue. A whistle then a bang. I BLACK HAWK Black on red. BLUEHAWK Blue on blood red indioH war hoop THUNDEK OmwtMbbck. FLYING BLACK HAWK Black on orange or red. BALD EAGLE White and brown on yellow. NIGHT-BIRD Brawn and wUte OB pale bltt*> green. fmbtdy-ptaMy-ptabtiy wbktled. BUCK Pnipla o« bhM. AthifflwUMk. Black and wUte for Red Imm, Amber Loon, etc., on Uoe ground. A tnmulous niibM. u MUSTANG Black Mustang, Red Mus tang, and Wild Horse; on yellow ground. Aloof w BUCKHORN. Bhck buck, etc. on pak green ground. Ailiiffl.kiHkwwiMB.. A FORKED LIGHTNING Rad or yellow on bhmrwu Pitt ittiti^ OAMRD Black and uMla.