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Mikan Pathfinder (Mikan) Nabikwa-Ninini Seamanship (Nabikwa-ninini) Godaakwed Sharpshooter (Godaakwed) manitoweish Small Stock Farmer (Manitoweish)
Gijiged Star Wiseman (Gijiged) Kitigewin Stock Farmer (Kitigewin) Shingebis Swimmer (Shingebis) Kikinowina Teacher (Kikinowina)
Nisso-bibon Three Years’ Service (Nisso-bibon) Wassamowin Thunder Handler (Wassamowin) Animiki-okakewinini Thunder Roller (Animiki-okakewinini) Bebamadisid Traveler (Bebamadisid)
Odena-winini Village Scout (Odena-winini) Dibaakid White Woodcraft (Dibaakid) Nibwaka-winini Wise Woodman (Nibwaka-winini) Gashkiewikwe' Woman’s Power in History (Gashkiewikwe')

Claiming Degrees A Degree may be claimed at Council after application has been made on a properly filled form which sets forth the claim with suflBcient witnesses to prove legally that the test was fairly taken. (See page 33) The Degree Claim is certified by the Chief and Tally Keeper of the Council conferring it, and returned to the applicant, but record is kept in the Tribal Tally. None but Chartered Tribes in good standing have power to award either Coup ot Degree Badges.