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390 Woodcraft Manual for Girls its strength. A cubic foot weighs 3c lbs. Little use for weather work. Famous for shedding its bark as well as its teftves. Leaves 4 to 9 iiudies long. Canada to the Gulf. Red-Bud, or Judas Tree {Cercis canadensis) Small tree of bottom lands, rarely 50 feet high; so called from its abundant spring crop of tiny rosy blossoms, coming before the leaves, the latter 2 to 6 inches broad. "Judas tree" because it blushed when Judas hanged himself on it (Keeler). Its wood is dark, coarse, and heavy. A cubic foot weighs 40 lbs. Maryland to Iowa and southward. Sugar Maple, Rock Maple, or Hard Maple {Acer saccharum) A large, spiendid forest tree, '80 to 120 feet high; red in au- tunm. Wood hard, strong, tough, and heavy but not durable.