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Their Message to Woodcraft Girls

Woodcraft is the science of overcoming the daily obstacles of life and the real Woodcraft woman of all times is the one who knows and fearlessly stands for the big and worthwhile things.

This was the spirit of Grace Darling, who watched at the Longstone lighthouse and risked her life with undaunted courage in the midst of terrible storms to save the lives of shipwrecked men, women, and children.

This was the spirit that inspired Frances Willard, whose statue now stands in the Hall of Fame at Washington, a noble woman whose life resulted in good to the women of the Nation and to every one because of her work for temperance and progress.

This was the thought that sustained Florence Nightingale, who during the Crimean War did wonderful work as a nurse, and who organized the nurses into what was the forerunner of the Red Cross.

It was such a spirit that controlled the life of Nancy Hanks Lincoh, who molded her son Abe along the lines of integrity and developed those rare and noble moral traits which have given to Lincoln his spotless character and ever-enduring fame.

It was such a spirit that inspired Susan B. Anthony to labor unceasingly for the alleviation of hard and cruel conditions that pressed upon women and to advocate an equality standard between men and women in all the phases of domestic and govern-mental life. So active was she that a federal amendment to enfranchise women, bearing her name, has been submitted to Congress ever since 1869.

It was such a spirit that caused Elizabeth Cady Stanton to devote a long and brilliant life to the bettersent or women. Her