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i83 Wocdcnft Manuftl for Girls Sanitttioti As soon as convenient appoint members to dig and prepare a latrine, or toilet, with screen. It should be located some distance from the camp and from the water, so that there will be no possibility of contaminating the water. All utter and refuse should be handled m such a way that the camp grounds are clean, that the garbage is kept covered till dispos^ of by burning or burying. Woodcraft camps are known for their cleanliness and for the fact that when the camp is over the grounds are as clear of filth, scraps, papers, cans, bottles, etc., as though no human being had ever been there. Anytluiig which draws f&ea should be carefully avoided. Leadership Of course no group would go camping without having some one to act as the Guide or leader. The Guide should be in charge of the camp, supervise the swimming, games, the routine and daily life of the camp. She should decide matters of dispute and with the Tally Chief and Chief of the band, and any others they may care to add, decide matters which require 'decision. In large camps she will be assisted by assistant guidco each in charge of a group of girls, along with the Chief of each group. Team Work There is no place where team work is more needed than in camp. Here girls really " live together," and only as each and every member of the camp does her part will the camp be a con.; lete success. This will mean tuat the work should be Assigned daily to individuals or to groups, depending on the size 01 the camp. Even the first day rough assignments should be made ; nd just as soon as everybody is settled dovvn, methodic work should be begim. For small groups the following duties should be assigned: First, Health Chief. Gather up and destroy all garbage each day at a given hour and inspect the latrine hourly and see that all keep the- rules. Second, Mail Chief. Take all letters to the post and bring back all the mail. Third, Cook. Is responsible for the preparation of the meals for the day.