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Boy T?e Fisl?rm?#' s K?o?. U?d tot tyi? si? w? ?t ?r 6sh?n? p?. It n? ?; is ?y ? by p? ?e two ?o? ?. ?e two ro? ? ?d ?ide ?e ?o?er, ? ? ? end an over?d knot is ?e of the other. Pull Ihe s? ? to tighten. Scolits Can?ck Bout. Used in uniting h?wsers for towing. Is easily untied by p?hl.? the loops in- ward. Turn the end of one rope A over its standing part B to form a loop. Pass the end of the other rope across the bight thus formed, back of the standing part B over the end A, then under the hight at C, passing it over its own standing part and under the bight again at D. The Mariner's Compass Boxing the Compass consists in enumerating the points, beginning with north and working around .the circle as follows:' North East by North North by East East North, North-east East by South North-east by North East, South-east North-east South-east by?az?t North-east by East South?.?t?d by ?00? East, North-east South-east by South