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Scoutcrs/t s. Dive properly from the surface of the water. : 3. Demonstrate breast, crawl, and side stroke. 4. Swim on abe back fifty feet. Lil? Scout The life scout badge will be given to all first-class scouts who have qualified for the following five-merit badges: first aid, athletics, life-saving, .personal health, and public health. Taxiderm? ,.? To obtain a merit badge for Taxidermy a scout must x. Have a knowledge of the game laws of the state in which he lives. ?. Preserve and mount the skin of t game bird, or ?imal, killed in season. 3. Mount for a rug tlie pelt of some fur animal. Star Scout The star scout btdge will be given to the first-class scout who has qutli- fled for ten merit btdges. The ten include the list of hadges under life ? scout. [ [ Eagle Scout Any first-class scout qualifying for twenty-one merit badges will be entitled to wear the highest scout merit badge. This is an eagle's head in silver, and represents the all-round perfect scout. [