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36 Boy Scouts 2. Be able to sole and heel a pair of boots, s?w?l or nailed, and generally repair boots and shoes. 3. Be able to dress a saddle, repair traces, stirrup leathers, etc., and know the various parts of harness. Life Saving To obtain a merit badge for Life Saving a scout must x. Be able to dive into from seven to ten feet of water and bring from bottom to surface a loose bag of sand weighing five 2. Be able to swim two' hundred yards, ' ?/.?.? one hundred yards on back without using the hands, and one hundred yards any other stroke. 3. Swim fifty yards with clothes on (shirt, long trousers, and shoes as mini- 4. Demonstrate (a) on land--five methods of release; (b) in the water --two methods of release; (c) the Schaefer method of resuscitation (prone pressure). Machinery ? To obtain a merit'badge for Ma,chinery a scout must x. State the principles underlying the use and construction of the lathe, steam boiler and engine, drill press and planer. 5. Make a small wood or metal model illustrating the principles of either levers, gears, belted pulleys, or block and fall Marksmanship To obtain a merit badge for Marksman- ship a scout must x. Qualify as a marksman in accordance with the regulations of the National Rifle Association. Masonry To obtain a merit badge for Masonry a scout ,must x. Lay a straight wall with a comer.