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j.! Boy Scouts 5. State laws for transplanting, gratting, spraying, and prot?s?ug trees. Oardening To obtam a merit b?dge for Gardening, a scout must x. Dig ?ud care for during the season a piec? of ground containing not less than x44 square feet. 2. Know the names o? a dozen plan?s pointed out in an ordinary garden. 3. Understand what is meant by prun- ing, gra/ting, and ma?uring. 4- Plant and grow successfully six kinds of vegetables or flowers from seeds $. Cut grass with scythe under super- vision. Handicraft To obtain a merit badge for Handicraft a scout must x. Be ?,ble to paint a door. ?. Whitewash a ceiling. 3. Repair gas fittings, sash lines, win- dow and door fastenings. ? 4. Replace gas mantles, w?hers, and electric light bulbs. 5- Solder. 6. Hang pictures and curtains. 7. Repair blinds. 8. Fix curtains, portiere rods, blind fixtures. 9- Lay carpets and mend clothing and upholstery. xo. Repair furniture and china. xx. Sharpen knives. x?. Repair gates. x3. Fix screens on windows and doors. Horsemanship To obtain a merit badge for Horsemanship a scout must x. Demonstrate riding at a walk, trot, and gal?o? ?.. e. Know how to saddle and bridle a horse correctly. 3. Know how to water and feed and to wh?t?t?, and how to groom ?, horse prbperiy.