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26 Boy Scouts ? ?. Point out and name six principal constellations; find the North by means of other stars than the Pole-star in case of that star being obscured by clouds, and tell the hour of the night by the stars and moon. 3- Have a general knowledge of the positions and movements of the earth, sun and moon, and of tides, eclipses, meteors, comets, sun-spots, and planets. Athletics To obtain a merit badge for Athletics a scout must x. Write an acceptable ?rticle of not less than five hundred words on how to train for an athletic event. 2. Give the rules for one track and one field event. 3- Make the required athletic standard according to his weight, dassitications and conditions as stated in chapter eight. Automobiling To obtain a merit badge for Automobiling a scout must x. Demonstrate how to start a motor, explaining what precautions s?,:.uld be taken. 2. Take off and put on pneum?,? 3. Know the functions of the , .'?tc'.a, carburetor, valves, magneto, spark i- differential cam shaft, and different spe?, r gears, and be able to explain difference between a two and four cycle motor. 4. Know how to put out burning gasoline or oil. 5- Have satisfactorily passed the requirements to receive a license to operate an automobile in the community in which he lives. Aviation To obtain a merit badge for Aviation a scout must r. Have a knowledge of the theory of aeroplanes, balloons, and dirigibles. -*. Have made a working model