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Scoutcraft two meets, using standard four-foot target ? at forty yards or three-foot target at thirty yards. 3. Make a total score of 3oo with 72 arrows, using standard target at a distance of fifty yards.

4. Shoot so far and fast as to have 

six arrows in the air at once. Architecture To obtain a merit badge for Architecture a scout must x. Present a satisfactory free-hand drawing. 2. Write an essay on the history of Architecture and describe the five orders. 3. Submit an original design for a two- story house and tell what material is nec- essary for its construction, giving detailed specifications. Art To obtain a merit badge for Art a scout must x. Draw in outline two simple objects, one composed of straight lines, and one of curved lines, the two subjects to be grouped together a little below the eye. e. Draw in outline two books a little below the eye, one book to be open; also a .?iW table or chair. 3- Make in outline an Egyptian orna- ment. 4. Make in outline a Greek or Renais- sance ornament from a cast or copy. 5- Make an original arrangement or design using some detail of ornament. 6. Make a drawing from a group of two objects placed a little below the eye and show light and shade. 7. Draw a cylindrical object and a rectangular object, grouped together a little below the eye, and show light and shade. 8. Present a camp scene in color. Astronomy To obtain a merit badge for Astronomy a scout must x. Have a? general knowledge of the nature and move- rs. Google