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First Aid and Life Saving 265 The sprained joint should be put in an elevated position and cloths wrung out in very hot or very cold water should be wrapped around it and changed very frequently. Movement of any sprained joint is likely to increase the injury, so this ought not to be permitted. Walking with a sprained ankle is not only exceedingly painfid but it generally increases the hurt. Dislocation A dislocation is an injury where the head of a bone has slip.r?t out of it? socket at a joint. A scout is playing foot-ball. He suddenly feels as though his shoulder has been twisted out o/ place. Comparison with the other side will show that the injured shoulder does not look like the other one, being longer, or shorter, and contrary to the case with fracture there will not be increased movement at the point of injury but a lessened movement. Do not at- tempt to get a dislocated joint back in place. Cover the joint with cloths wrung out in very hot or very cold water, and get the patient into the hands of a doctor as soon as possible. Injuries in Which the Skin is Broken Such in?uries are called wounds. There is one Trianguhr sling for arm very important fact which must be remembered in connection with such injuries. Any injury in which the skin is unbroken is much less dangerous, as the skin prevents germs from reaching the injured part. The principle to be followed in treating a wound is to apply something to prevent germs from reaching the injury. ,Google