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First Aid and Life Saving z6x Another way suggested is to wrap a coat around the left arm and let the dog bite it; then with the other hand seize the dog's throat and choke him. FIRST AID FOR INJURIES General Directions Keep cool. There is no cause for excitement or hurry. In not one case in a thousand are the few moments necessary to find out what is the matter with an injured man going to result in any harm to him, and of course in )rder to treat h/m intelligently you must first know what/s the matter. Common- sense will tell the scout that he must waste no time, however, when there is severe bleedh!g, or in case of poisoning. If possible, always send for a doctor, unless the injury is a trivial one. Don't wait until he arrives, however, to do some- thing for the injured person. A crowd should always be kept back and tight clothing should be loosened. If the patient's face is pale, place him on his back with his head low. If his face is flushed, fold your coat and put it under his head so as to raise it slightly. In case of vomiting, place the patient on his side. Do not give an unconscious person a stimulant, as he cannot ?w-,dlow, and it will run down his windpipe and choke him_ If the injury is covered by clothing, remove it by cutting or tearing, but never remove more clothing than as one of the results of injury is for a person to feel cold. Shoes and boots should be cut in severe injuries about the feet. Shock For example, a scout is tiering on a trolley-car. The car runs into a loaded wagon. The wagon is overturned and the driver thrown to the pavement. Part of the load falls upon his body and when you reach him he is unconscious. So far ?s you can find out, nothing else is the matter with him. This is called shock. It accompanies all serious injuries and is itseft serious, as a person may die without ever recovering from shock. Of course, there are different degrees of shock. In severe shock the per- son is completely unconsdous or he may be only slightly con- fused and feel weak and uncertain of what has happened. In shock always send for a doctor when you can. Before he comes, warm and stimulate the patient in every poss?%le way. Plsce him on his back with his head low and