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Boy Scouts This told me that the rabbit was in real danger but gave no

clue to its source. I wondered ff a weasel were clinging to its 

neck. A few yards farther, at//, ! found more blood. Twenty yards more, at I, for the first time on each side of the rabbit trail, were the obvious marks of a pair of broad, strong wings. Oho! now I knew the mystery of the cottontail running from a foe that left no track. He was pursued by an eagle, a hawk, TRACKS Blarfi? in snow 3. Meadow mouse Deer mouse 4. Masked shrew or an owl. A few yards farther and I found the remains (J) of the cottontail partly devoured. This put the eagle out of the question; an eagle would have carried the rabbit off boldly. A hawk or an owl then was the assassin. I looked for something to decide which, and close by the remains found the peculiar two-paired track of an owl. A hawk's track wo?l?lJo?.?e been as K, while the owl nearly always sets?l?u/fi?Cground