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i8 4 Boy Scouts at the helm 'should always give warning by singing out the word?, "ready about." "Going about" is just the oppodte of 'jibbing. Right of Way When two boats approach each other in opposite directions, close hauled, the boat on the starboard tack has the fight of way and should continue her course. The responsibility ot avoiding a collision rests with the boat sailing on the port tack. But a boat z?mnlng before the wind must always give way to a boat dose hauled. When s?iling through high waves, always try as far as pomible to head into them directly at right angles. Always steer as steadily as possible. If you are careful to keep the boat on her course and do not let your mind wander, only a slight motion of the tiller from side to side will be necessary. Flying the Flag N?V'hile the "fly" or "pennant" is carried at the top of the mast, the flag is carried at the peak or upper corner of the sail at the end of the gaff. The salute consists Of tipping or slightl? lowering the flag and raising it again into positio--