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Woodcraft 8 5 just at midnight, through the mysterious southward-pointing passage of the Pyramid." The Moon The moon ?s one fifth the diameter of the earth, about one fi/tieth of the bulk. and is about a quarter million miles away. Its course, while very irregular, is nearly the same as the ap? parent course of the sun. But "in whter the full moon is at an altitude in the sky near the lhnlt attained by the sun in summer, . and even? at certain times, five degrees higher. I? is ?he contrary in summer, a season when the moon remains very' low" (F.). The moon goes around the earth in 27? days. It loses nearly three fourths of an hour each night; that is, it rises that much later. BIRDgRAFT By ti? N? Assodaglo? of Aud?b?.$od?izs Any boy who cares enough for out-doors to be a scout is sure to want a good acquaintance with the birds. Even dull. people cannot hetp t?/ng not? o/om "littl?-brothe? o/the air;' on account o their beauty, their songs, and their wondrous flight. But most folks neve? take the trouble to try an?[ learn the names of any except a few common birds. Scouts whose eyes are sharp and ears are keen will find the study of birds a fascinating sport, which may prove to be the best fun that the woods provide. Knowing the Birds It is no easy matter, this trying to get to know the birds; but scouts are not looking for the easiest jobs, and it is great sport for them to follow some shy songster through the briery thicket until a really good look can be had, to sit stock still for half an hour to watch some unknown bird come home to her nest, or to wriggle on all fours through the grass to.have a Ellmpse over the top of the knoll at the ducks in the pool beyond. The only equipment necessary. for bird study is an opera or field glass, a note-book and a good bird reference book. As soon as you get a good look at a strange bird, notice its colors and markings, and then, if it moves, follow it up until you have seen practically all of its most prominent features. It will be impossible to carry these facts in your head, a?zun}?scso? definite memorandum is made at the time you will probab'Iy