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84 Boy Scouts' In old charts of the stars, Orion is shown with his hound, hunting the bull, Taurur. Pleiades Pleiades ('Ply-a-des) can be seen in winter as a cluster of small stars between Aldebaran and Algol, or, a line drawn from the back bottom, through the front rim of the Dipper, about two Dipper lengths, touches this little group. They are not far from Aldebaran, being on the shoulder of the Bull, of which Aldebaran is the right eye. They may be considered the seven arrow wounds made by Orion. They are nearer the Pole-star than Aldebaran is, and on the side away from the Dipper; also, they are nearly on a line between Beta oI the Dipper (front bottom) and CapeHa. Serviss tells us that the Pleiades have a supposed connection with the Great Pyramid, because "about 2x7o B.C.. when the beginning of spr/ng coindried w/th the culmisatiom of the Pleiades at midlfight, that wonderful