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Shoes or Boots. — Brown or black, or brown sneaks.

Staff. — Marked in feet and inches. Not shod, as it is for feeling the way at night quietly.

Haversack. — Khaki color.

Shoulder-knot. — A bunch of ribbons or tapes of patrol color on left shoulder.

Whistle. — With cord round neck for patrol leaders and scoutmasters.

Knife. — On lanyard and hitched to swivel on belt.

Nothing but the above should be worn visibly. All extras, such as ropes, kettles, etc., to be carried in haversack. A scout's clothing should be of flannel or wool, as much as possible; cotton next the skin should be avoided, as it does not absorb the perspiration, and is likely to give you a chill.


Hat. — Flat-brimmed (khaki), with the badge on left side.

Shirt. — Khaki flannel scout's shirt, with khaki collar and green tie, short sleeves. Or the colored neckerchief may be worn. If needed, a white sweater may be worn over the shirt.

Shoulder-knot. — White on left shoulder.

Belts, Shoes, etc. — As for scouts.


Hat, shirt (with colored collar and tie), belt as above, knicker breeches, khaki putties, laced shoes (preferably brown), walking-stick, whistle, and lanyard.

If a coat is needed, it should be a khaki or tweed one of the Norfolk variety, and not an imitation of a military tunic. Such things as spurs, swords, revolvers, gauntlets, and riding crops should not be used.