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counts coup; to do it in two minutes, clearing a 5-foot hurdle and a 12-foot water-jump, grand coup.

32. Trick-riding. To pick up one's hat from the ground while at full gallop on a horse of not less than 13 hands counts coup.

To do it three times without failure, from each side, with horse of at least 15 hands, counts grand coup.

33. Lasso. To catch 10 horses or cattle in corral, with 10 throws of the lasso, counts coup; to catch 10 on the range in 10 throws counts a grand coup.

33d. Lasso. To catch a horse or beef by each of his four feet in four successive throws, grand coup.

34. Diamond hitch. Pack a horse with not less than 100 pounds of stuff, with diamond hitch, to hold during eight hours of travel, coup. Ten days in succession, a grand coup.


(Open to men only)

Everything that can be said in favor of firearms for use in general sport applies to the rifle only (and its understudy the revolver). The scatter-gun has no official existence for us. It is ruination to the marksman's power and should be abolished. A rifle range is a desirable adjunct of all grown-up camps. Honors are awarded according to the army standards.

35. Revolver-Shot. Target 4x4 feet. Bull's-eye 8 inches (counts 4 points). Inner ring 2 feet (3 points), Outer, the rest of target (2 points).

Distance, 30 yards.

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