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"Black Hawk," "Redjacket," "Wolverine," "Krag," "Mustang," "Bald Eagle," "Big Otter," "Karonawa" (the runner), "Speardeep," "Deerblinder," "Little Thunder," "Neverscare," "Strongheart," "Big Moose," "Redarrow," "Many tongues," "Strongbow," "Eagle Eye," "Hawkeye," "Little Beaver," etc.

On rare occasions the name is an inglorious one. Thus a lazy boy was called "Young‑man‑afraid‑of‑a‑Shovel", or "Shovel" for short; another was "Scare‑cat," because of his timidity, but they can get rid of them as soon as they do something highly creditable.

When the Council decides that a bad name is to be dropped, the Chief or Medicine‑man writes it on a piece of wood or bark. Then, making a speech explaining the circumstances, he burns the bark in the Council Fire, announcing that that name is forgotten. No one must mention it again under pain of punishment.

When a new name is given, the Chief makes a speech as before, tells of the exploit and announces the name. It is written down in the Tally; then each Chief and Councillor comes forward, snakes hands with the brave, saying "Bo‑jou, Nichy" — followed by the new name.


Each brave needs a head-band. This holds his feathers as they are won, and his scalp is fastened to it behind. It consists of a strip of soft leather, long

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