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that they saw and knew the name of. They travelled all one day and saw nothing to suit, but next day in a swamp they startled a Blue Heron. It went off with a harsh cry. So they became the "Blue Herons," and adopted as a war-cry the croak of the bird and its name – "Hrrrrr — Blue Heron." Another band have the Wolf totem. Another, the Flying Eagle, and yet another the Snapping Turtle.


In some prominent place in camp is set up the Totem-pole. This bears the national emblems, tribal totems, enemies' scalps, and the totems of warriors who have brought honors to the Tribe. It also serves as a notice board and carries the Sacred Medicine Scalp. The board below is supposed to be the skin of a White Buffalo.

The big shield is white and twenty inches across, the horns pale blue and each twenty inches long. The pole is twelve feet high and the arms four and one half feet across; pole and arms are red. This is the same in all tribes. The smaller shield is twelve inches across; it bears the tribal colors and totems, and, of course, varies in color with each tribe. The skin is four and one half feet long and eighteen inches at widest place. It is dull yellow where dotted, but the circle at its upper end is white; in the middle of this is a peg on which ..text continues