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3. Don't harm song-birds. It is forbidden to kill injure or frighten song-birds, or to disturb their nest or eggs, or to molest squirrels.

4. Don't break the Game Laws.

5. Don't cheat. Cheating in the games or records or wearing honors not conferred by the Council is a crime.

6. Don't bring firearms of any kind into camp. Bows and arrows are enough for our purpose.

7. Don't make a dirty camp. Keep the woods clean by burying all garbage.

We do not approve of matches. Two weeks after they have been wholly abolished we allow each member of the Council a grand Eagle feather for maintaining a first-class camp. If all laws have been fully kept and no match struck for two weeks it counts each member of the Tribe and Council a Grand Coup or tufted Eagle feather. The Camp fire is to be made with rubbing sticks.

Punishments are meted out by the Chief and Council after a hearing of the case. They consist of:

Exclusion from the games for a time.

Wearing of black feather for disgrace.

Wearing of white feather for cowardice.

Of tasks of drudgery and camp service.

Of degradation from rank of Councillor or Chief, or reduction in place in Council.

The extreme penalty is banishment from the Tribe. ..text continues