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Head War Chiefs elected by the Tribe. He should be a strong boy as well as a popular one, because his duties are to lead and to enforce the laws. He always is head of the council.

Second War Chief, to take the Head Chief's place when he is absent, otherwise he is merely a Councillor.

Third War Chief, for leader when the other two are away.

A Wampum Chief. He has charge of the money and public property of the tribe, except the records; he obeys the Head Chief and Council.

Chief of the Painted Robe, or Feather-tally. He keeps the winter-count and Feather-tally, or book of Tribal records. These rules are pasted in the front of that book. He should be an artist.

Chief of the Council-Fire. His business is to light the council-fire and to see that the camp and woods are kept clean.

Sometimes one Brave holds more than one of these offices.

The Head Chief may add a Chief Medicine Man or Woman to the Council without regard to age, attainments or position. (In one case the Head Chief made his own mother Medicine Woman.) Their duty is to advise the Head Chief.

Add to these all the Redhorns (see p. 11), and elect Councillors enough to raise the number to twenty. ..text continues