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Vol. 1. Hiking and Canoeing

A practical story of traveling through field and stream, supplemented with Indian songs, and a background of historical events of pioneering a hundred years ago. This volume is Mr. Seton’s “Rolf in the Woods”.

Vol. 2. Animals and Birds

The amazing stories of certain animals. The epic of Coaly — the outlaw horse — and his spirit of eternal freedom, is one of the greatest animal revelations ever written. This volume is “Wild Animal Ways”.

Vol. 3. Indian-craft

A book of the deep woods and how to live there. This tale is glorious with outdoor philosophy — bows and arrows, campcraft, deer-hunts, the ways and signs of Indians. It is “Two Little Savages”.

Vol. 4. Woodcraft

In 590 pages and 500 drawings you have perhaps the most fascinating encyclopedia of woodcraft, foresty, and natural history supplemented with campfire stories of Indian character and the immortal “Message of the Indian”. Here is the famous “Book of Woodcraft”.

Vol. 5. Earth and Sky

Beginning with “things to see in springtime”, this extraordinary volume introduces all the seasons, and it is an eye-opener for natural marvels and quaint discoveries. It sums up with “things to remember” and a rousing woodland song with music. This is “Woodland Tales”.

Vol. 6. Wild Animals

This is the famous exposition of wild animal lore, that Seton knows and loves so well. It is one of the most photographic volumes of the set. Some of the photos are shown like a moving-picture strip to display the behavior of the animals. This is “Wild Animals At Home”.

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To those who reply to this advertisement and become customers for the Library of Woodcraft and Pioneering, we will include in the shipment a complimentary copy of the remarkable book “The Ten Commandments in the Animal World”, that is cloth bound pages from Seton’s own notebook. Don’t delay a day, and make sure of one of these gift copies.


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