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The Narrowest Escape I Ever Had from a Wild Beast. Farm & Fireside, Vol. XLVI, New York. Jan., pp. 13, 34, 35, 37.

The Book of Woodcraft and Indian Lore. Doubleday, Page & Co., 590 pp. More than 500 drawings by the author; 3rd edition of the 1912 issue, enlarged by the inclusion of “The Foresters’ Manual”.

A Roving Band of Say’s Bats. Journ. Mamm., Baltimore, Feb., p. 52; 18 lines on habits.

More Acrobatic Skunks. As above, Feb., p. 53. 8 lines on habits.

The Summer Camp. Cosmopolitan Mag., New York. April and May numbers, Camp Section. About 1200 words, showing the ethical possibilities of summer camps.

Magpie as Sentinel for Rabbits. Journ. Mamm., Baltimore, May, p. 119; 10 lines on habits.

The Evolutionary Force of a Wide Range[1]. Journ. Mamm., Baltimore. July. About 1500 words, showing that large areas produce stronger species than small ones. Written in 1892, but not published till now.

Introduction to “The Autobiography of John Macoun, M. A.” Pub. Ottawa. 2 pp. of personal reminiscence.

Joy Comes with a Job Well Done. New York American, Nov. 8. About 500 words, one of a symposium, setting forth the author’s idea of happiness.

Manual of the Brownies, the Little Lodge of the Woodcraft League of America. 6th edition. a pamphlet of 10 pp. Oct., New York.

Bannertail, the Story of a Graysquirrel. 265 pp. 100 drawings by the author. Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York. Nov. The book form of the above articles.

Dipo, Sprite of the Desert. Century Mag., Vol. CV, Nov., pp. 106–115; 8 drawings by the author.


Story of Carrots. Farm & Fireside, New York. June, 1923, pp. 12, 13, 30, 31, 33.

Tail Glands of the Canidæ. Journ. Mamm., August, pp. 180–182. .2 plates. About 1000 words.

The Value of Moles. Journ. Mamm., Feb., p. 51. 8 lines, on their relation to blight.

Some Prints of Leaves. Nature Mag., Sept., pp. 142–143 and 191. About 700 words. 2 plates of leaves by author.

The House That Is Mine. House & Garden. Oct.

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  1. Publikováno na straně 167–9 Vol.3 No.3 August 1922.