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Scouting. No. VII. Courtesy and Scouting in the Street. As above. Jan., pp. 3 and 31, with 16 illus. by the author.

Scouting. No. VIII. Scouting in the Sky. As above. Feb., pp. 3 and 26 with 10 illus. by the author. Treats chiefly the stars.

Scouting. No. IX. Hiking and Dancing. As above. March, pp. 3 and 27, with 10 illus. by the author.

Scouting. No. X. Scouting for April. As above. April, pp. 7 and 27, with 10 illus. by the author. Firemaking and the Story of the Yaller-dog.

The Red Lodge. 12 pp. One hundred copies only printed. It gives the Laws and Honors of the Lodge, an esoteric group of mystic Woodcrafters. New York, privately printed.

The Book of Woodcraft and Indian Lore, with more than 500 drawings by the author. Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, Page & Co., 1912. 567 pp. Contains bibliographies. “This book is really the Eleventh Edition of the ‘Birch Bark Roll’, which I have published yearly and expanded since 1902.” Contains the purpose and laws of the “Woodcraft Indians”, also called “Seton Indians” and “Indian Scouts”. Partly reprinted from various sources. Includes the Tenth Birch Bark Roll. New editions appeared in 1915 and 1922. With the last was incorporated The Foresters’ Manual. (See below.)

The Foresters’ Manual. Doubleday, Page & Co. One hundred of the best-known forest trees of eastern North America, with 100 maps and more than 200 drawings by the author; pp. 141. This now appears as part of the “Book of Woodcraft”.

Further Annals of a Hollow Tree. Country Life in America, Vol. XXII, Oct., p. 64–5. No illus.

“Bow Skirmish” or “Arrow Fight”. Forest & Stream, Vol. LXXIX, Nov. 30, p. 693. A game between rival teams armed with bow and arrow; 25 lines.

The Annals of a Fur Farm. Chap. I. Country Life, Nov., pp. 38–40, with 4 photos and 11 diagrams. An account of the author’s skunk farm.

The Annals of a Fur Farm. Chap. II. Country Life, Dec., pp. 61–62; 7 photos. An account of certain skunks. The Story of Black Beauty.


The Annals of a Fur Farm. Chap. III. Country Life, Jan., pp. ..text continues