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Rolf in the Woods. Doubleday, Page & Co. The Adventures of a Boy Scout with Indian Quonab and little dog Skookum. More than 200 drawings by the author. 437 pp.

Forest Secrets — The Soul-song of Baba-moss-anib. Country Life, Vol. XX, July, pp. 39–42, 66 and 68 with 2 drawings by the author and 6 photos by others. A number of incidents in the life of the ovenbird.

Indian Words in Common Use. Forest & Stream, July 8, p. 55: giving 106 words.

The Hollow Tree. Country Life, Vol. XX, Sept., p. 88, 1 illus., 500 words.

If Da Vinci Came to Town. The American City, Vol. V, Nov., pp. 252–254 with 3 illus. by the author. An arraignment of commercial ugliness in our cities, and suggestions for a better way.

The Arctic Prairies; a canoe-journey of 2,000 miles in search of the caribou; being the account of a voyage to the region north of Aylmer Lake. New York, C. Scribner’s Sons, 1911. 415pp. front., illus., maps, by the author. This included magazine articles of similar title (see above) with many more illustrations as well as scientific appendices. Second edition in 1917.

Two Successful Fur Farms. Country Life, Vol. XX, Sept., pp. 39 and 40; 4 photos. About 1800 words.

More about the Yak. Country Life, Vol. XXI, Dec., p. 44, 3 photos by the author; 220 words.

Scouting. No. I. On Boy Scouts. The American Boy, Vol. XII, July, pp. 5, 6, and 21 with 10 illus. by the author. General article on Boy Scout Work.

Scouting. No. II. Handicraft and Initiations. As above. Aug., pp. 4 and 5 with 17 illus. by the author. Treats willow beds; tilting spears and initiations.

Scouting. No. III. How to Raise Some Money. As above. Sept., pp. 3 and 4. Bird boxes, Campfire names. Stories. 5 illus.

Scouting. No. IV. Sign Language. As above. Oct., pp. 3, 4. 5 illus.

Scouting. No. V. Picture writing. As above. Nov., pp. 6 and 29. About 10 cuts, including many illus.

Scouting. No. VI. Christmas and the Wild West Show. As above. Dec., pp. 3 and 31, with 8 illus. by the author. Describes getting up a Wild West Show, also the Lion Tamer Stunt.

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