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…woods, no smoking, no fire-water, word of honor sacred. 58 Honors or coups in Woodcraft are enumerated.

Building a Log Cabin. Country Life, Vol. VIII, May, pp. 79–80 with 12 illus. by the author.

Laws of the Seton Indians, pub. by Y.M.C.A. of New York in Association Boys, Vol. IV, June, 1905, No. 3, pp. 99–108. Now called the Fifth Birch Bark Roll. The same as the preceding, except the introductory matter.

Making Permanent Records of Animal Tracks. Country Life, June, pp. 228–9.

The Secrets of the Trail. Country Life, Vol. VIII, June, 1905, pp. 202–205 with 18 illus. by the author. Gives the trails of many common animals. About 5000 words. Republished in the Illustrated London News, May 27, 1905.

Billy, the Big Wolf. Part I, Ladies’ Home Journal, Vol. XXII, Aug., pp. 5–6. 2 illus. by author. Part II, Ladies’ Home Journal, Sept., pp. 10 and 49 with 1 illus. by the author. Republished in “Animal Heroes”.

Animal Heroes. Being the Histories of a Cat, a Dog, a Jack-rabbit, a Pigeon, a Lynx, Two Wolves, and a Reindeer, and in elucidation of the same, over 200 drawings by the author. Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York. 8 vo., pp. 364. An Italian translation was published by L. F. Cogliati of Milan in 1910.

Elephant Hunting in New York. Four Track News, Vol. IX, Dec., pp. 469–470. With large frontispiece of mastodons by the author. Also a sketch of Indian record.

The Rise of the Seton Indians, 4000 words. Ordered by Sir George Newnes, 17 Dec., 1904, forthe Strand. Published in one of his magazines this year.


The Wapiti and His Antlers. Scribner’s Mag., Vol. XX XIX, Jan., 1906, pp. 15–33, 1 map, 16 illus., 6 photographs. New York. Republished in “Life Histories”, 1909.

The Moose and His Antlers. Scribner’s Mag., Vol. XXXIX, February, pp. 157–178, 1 map, 21 illus., 4 photographs. Republished in “Life Histories”, 1909.

The Caribou and His Kindred. Scribner’s Mag., Vol. XXXIX, April, pp. 426–443, 1 map, 15 illus., 5 photographs. New York. Republished in “Life Histories”, 1909.

The Prong-horned Antelope. Scribner’s Mag., Vol. XL, July, pp. 33–49, 1 map, to illus., 6 photographs. New York. Republished in “Life Histories”, 1909. 4000 words.

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