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The Kangaroo Rat. Scribner’s Mag., April, pp. 418–427. An animal story with 12 illus. by the author; 4 of them halftones. Republished in “Lives of the Hunted”, 1901.

To Jim. Outing Mag., Vol. XXXVI, April, p. 44. (Verse.)

A Legend of the Bloodroot. Outing Mag., Vol. XXXVI, May, p. 177 with 1 full page illus. by the author. (Verse.)

On Nature Study. An Introduction to The Library of Natural History, pp. i to viii.

Tito, the Story of a Coyote: Part 1, Scribner’s Mag., Vol. XXVIII, Aug., pp. 131–45. Part II, Sept., pp. 316–25. An animal story. Many illus. by the author. Republished in “Lives of the Hunted”, 1901.

Animal Heroes. Collier’s Weekly, New York, Vol. XXVI, Oct. A popular account chiefly of wolves. One large drawing by the author.

Drawings only. “Bird Life” by Frank M. Chapman. 8 vo. 270 pp. New York, D. Appleton & Co. With 75 full page and numerous text drawings.

Biography of a Grizzly. Century Co., N.Y. April 14. 75 drawings, 167 pp. The book form of the magazine story. (See above.)

The Origin of Dick Cissel. Bird Lore, Vol. II, June, p. 88, 2 illus.

The Wild Animal Play. Ladies’ Home Journal, Vol., XVII, Phila., July, pp. 3–4, 28. A play for children, using as characters the animals in the wild animal stories. Republished in book form, 1901. (See above.)

The Wild Animal Play for Children, with Alternate Reading for Very Young Children. Philadelphia, Curtis Pub. Co.; New York, Doubleday, Page & Co., 1900. 79p. incl. front., 19 illus. Music by Daniel Gregory Mason. First published in Ladies’ Home Journal, July, 1900. (See above.)

New Music from ihe Old Harp. Century Mag., Aug., p. 639. Verse in appreciation of John Burroughs.

Mother Love in the Cows of the Western Range. Breeder’s Gazette, Vol. XXXVIII, Dec. 19, pp. 947–948. Popular article about 2200 words, with one large drawing by the author.

Johnny Bear. Scribner's Mag., Dec., pp. 658–71. Republished in “Lives of the Hunted”, 1901.

A Welcome Superstition. Bird Lore, Vol. II, No. 5, Oct., p. 166. Verse concerning the use of egrettes. Reprinted in “Woodmyth and Fable”, 1905.

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