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Hist. Soc. appeared early in 1887. Printed at Oxford Press, Toronto. A second edition of the foregoing “Mammals of Manitoba”, but greatly enlarged, treating 52 species in 26 pp. with 6 illus. by the author.

Canadian Game and Fish Resorts. Forest & Stream, Vol. XXVIII, Feb. 10, pp. 42–43. New York.

Do Squirrels Hibernate? Forest & Stream, Vol. XXVIII, Feb. 17, p. 65. Brief article showing that red squirrels do not hibernate in Manitoba.

A Record of Failures. Part I. Forest & Stream, Vol. XXVIII, Mar. 24, pp. 178–179. Part II, ditto, Mar. 31, p. 198. A long account (about 5000 words) of deer hunting in Manitoba. 8 illus. by the author, much on trailing and general natural history.

The Drummer on Snowshoes. St. Nicholas, Vol. XIV, April, pp. 414–417. New York. A popular natural history article on the ruffed grouse; 1800 words, with 6 illus. by the author.

Hibernation of the Hare. Forest & Stream, Vol. XXVIII, April 7, p. 226. New York. Brief article showing that our hares commonly hibernate, or lay up for a few days in very cold weather.

An Exhibition of Snakes. Forest & Stream, Vol. XXVIII, June 16, p. 451.


Ontario Game Laws. Forest & Stream, Vol. XXX, Mar. 29, p. 185.

Notes on the English Sparrow (Passer domesticus). Forest & Stream, Vol. XXX. April 5, pp. 204–205. A careful original investigation of the food of the species.

An Investigation of the Song Sparrow’s Life-history. Forest & Stream, Vol. XXX, April 19, p. 244. An important article, with a schedule under 17 main heads, to fully work out its life-history. This resulted in a book which was never published, because the Ms. was lost, about 1891. This schedule was republished in The Osprey, Sept., 1899, and rewritten for Bird Lore, Nov., Dec., 1904. (See below.)

Tracks in the Snow. St. Nicholas, Vol. XV, Mar. 1, pp. 338–341. A popular account of tracks and trailing in the snow with 6 illus. by the author.

The Song of the Prairie Lark. American Magazine, Vol. VII, April, pp. 717–720, New York. A popular article on habits, with musical notation of song and two woodcuts. This was reproduced without the illustrations in Birds of Manitoba, 1891, ..text continues