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— Part V. Same publication. Feb., pp. 19–21. Treats of the Paridæ.

A Manitoban Blizzard. A 700-word description of a prairie snowstorm. It appeared as a chapter in Miller Christy’s “Manitoba Described”. London, 1885, pp. 57–58. Wyman & Sons.

Notes on Manitoban Birds. The Auk, Vol. II, Jan. 21–24, and July, pp. 267–271. Boston, Mass. Life history notes.

On Architecture. An essay. Truth, Toronto, Ont. April 4, p. 5. 1500 words on the principles of good architecture.

The Swallow-tailed Flycatcher in Manitoba and at York Factory. The Auk, Vol. II, April, p. 218. Boston, Mass. About 200 words.

Nest and Eggs of the Philadelphia Vireo. The Auk, Vol. I, July, pp. 305, 306, Boston, Mass. Describing the first authentie nest and eggs of the species.

The Western Grebe in Manitoba. The Auk, Vol. II, July, p. 314, Boston, Mass.

On the Popular Names of Birds. The Auk, Vol. II, July, p. 316.

Interesting Records from Toronto, Canada. The Auk, Vol. II, Oct., pp. 334–337.


The Mammals of Manitoba. Trans. Man. Hist. & Sci. Soc. 23. Read before the Society, May 27, 1886. 15 pp. formally treating 49 mammals. A newspaper edition of this appeared in Manitoba Free Press, May 28. Winnipeg.

A Carberry Deer Hunt. Forest & Stream, N.Y. Vol. XXVI, June 3, pp. 366–368. About 5000 word article, with 3 illus., describing Mule Deer Hunt, and the killing of his first Moose. Also treats of tracking, and Indian Sign Language.

Moose and Bear Queries. Forest & Stream, Vol. XXVI, June 24, pp. 427.

Domestication of the Buffalo. Forest & Stream, Vol. XXVI, July 8, p. 467.

The Birds of Western Manitoba. The Auk, Vol. III, April, pp. 145–146; July, pp. 320–329; Oct., p. 453. New York. An annotated list of 258 species.


The Evening Grosbeak at Toronto, Canada[1]. The Auk, July, Vol. IV, p. 256.

A List of the Mammals of Manitoba. Trans. Man. Sci. & ..text continues

  1. Occurence of the Evening Grosbeak (Coccothraustes vespertina) at Toronto, Canada.