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Purpose and Laws

BADGES OF RANK The badge of the Indian Boy in the Little Lodge is a green ribbon, fastened on with a green pin bearing the blue horned white shield of the Woodcraft Indians. The badge for the Young Brave in the Little Lodge is a blue ribbon, pinned on with the horned-shield pin. It is worn on the breast, but may be repeated, with the symbol cut out of cloth, and sewn on the arm. AliWII# INDIAN BOY (Little Lodge) ^liiiiiiilim YOUNG BRAVE (Little Lodge) (Big Lodge) The badge for the Minisino or Tried Warrior in the Little Lodge is the same, but with red ribbon. The badge of the Chief in either Lodge is a head-band with two horns on it, worn in addition to his other badge. The badges for the Big Lodge are the same as for the Little Lodge, excepting that behind the emblem is a triangle or "Big Lodge" of yellow cloth. This is not seen in the badge of the Little Lodge, for the reason that the "Lodge" is so small, it is surely hidden behind the shield. The titles. Sagamore, Grand Sagamore, Sachem, and Grand Sachem, also may be won by those of the Big Lodge, taking, however, the standards proper for their age. On entering the Big Lodge, he does not carry with him the