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Purpose and Laws 67 THE LITTLE LODGE (For those under 15 years old.) Having thus entered the Little Lodge as Indian Boy, the next step is Young Brave. To become a Young Brave, the Indian Boy must: (i) Have served one month at least in his low degree. (2) Know fifty signs of the Sign Language. (3) Know ten forest trees. (4) Walk a mile in fifteen minutes, (s) Swim fifty yards. (6) FoUowatraUaquarterof amile (nosnow)inonehour. (7) Know the Dipper and the Pole Star. (8) Light five successive fires with one match each, in different places; wildwood material only. (9) Have slept out twelve nights (it need not be in succession) . Minisino or Tried Warrior. To become a Minisino the Young Brave must: (i) Know elementary first aid. (2) Know twenty forest trees; fruit, leaf and trunk. (3) Know one hundred signs of the Sign Language. (4) Light ten successive campfires with ten matches (with wildwood material). (5) Tie five standard knots in a rope. (6) Swim one hundred yards. (7) Walk three miles in one hour. (8) Know the Pole Star, the two Dippers, and at least three of the other constellations. (9) Have slept out thirty nights. (10) Be sunburnt to the waist. (11) Have cooked nine digestible meals by the campfire. (12) Have a good record in keeping the Laws of the Order,