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66 The Book of Woodcraft Standing before the Old Guide or Medicine Man in open Council, he shall be questioned and instructed, so he shall know more fully of the sacred purpose of the Order. Thgn, the Medicine Man shall say to him: "Is it your serious wish to become a member of the Order pf Woodcraft Indians? " Ans. "It is." "Can any here testify that you have fully qualified, by learning the law of the Lodge, by sleeping out for three nights, and by being found acceptable to the Band you wish to join?" Ans. (by the officer who knows): "Yes, Chief, I can vouch for him. " "You know our laws; we shall take them one by one. (i) "Do you promise obedience to the Council?" Ans. "I do." (And so, through the twelve laws, whereby he is bound to obedience, courage, cleanliness, abstinence from fire- water, tobacco; and to cherish the Great Spirit's gifts; and to kindness, fair-play, loyalty, silence, reverence, honor.) The Medicine Man then says: " Raise your right hand and say after me: 7 give my word of honor that I will obey the Chief and Council and the laws of my Tribe, and if at any time I fail in my duty, I will appear before the Council, when ordered, and submit without murmuring to its decision. ' " Now, the Medicine Man pins the badge over the candi- date's heart, takes him by the hand, and says: "I receive you into our Order, and, by this badge, I confer on you the degree of Indian Boy in the Band, and declare your instal- ation complete, as a member of ... . Band in the fLittle Lodge~l iBig Lodge."] Thus he enters the Trib? ajid the Order by joining a, Band,