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64 The Book of Woodcraft rules of the game. Loyalty is playing fair; foul play is treachery. TO. Silence. Do not hasten to speak before your elders. Keep silence in youth, then it may be your older thoughts will be worth the telling. . Reverence. Respect all worship of the Great Spirit; and show deference to those that are your elders. . Word of Honor. Word of honor is sacred. THE RULERS OF THE NATION The whole Nation is ruled by The Great Council, to which all our Head Chiefs, Rulers, Nobles, and Medicine Men may belong, if the Council itself invite them. They are many. They meet once a year, and elect in person: The High Council of Guidance, which shall be made up of lifteen leaders of the Nation and the Head Chief of all the Medicine Lodges. They meet as often as they need, and in them is power to make change and enforce all laws. These sixteen shall elect their own Chief, one of themselves. Seven shall be a sufl&cient and lawful meeting if duly heralded. The whole Nation is divided into three Lodges: The Little Lodge, for the very young (all under 15). The Big Lodge, for the young men (of 15 years and all above). The Medicine Lodge of the Old Guides and the Medicine Men (for those who have reached the years of manhood, even 21). Tribe. Each of the first two Lodges is further divided into Tribes numbering from 20 to 100 members in each. Band. And, again, each Tribe into Bands of 5 to 10 members each. The Medicine Lodge, or Lodge of the Old Guides. This is