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42 The Book of Woodcraft TEEPEE ETIQUETTE — THE UNWRITTEN LAW OF THE LODGE {Gathered chiefly from observations of actual practice, but in many cases from formal precept.) Be hospitable. Always assume that your guest is tired, cold, and hungry. Always give your guest the place of honor in the lodge, and at the feast, and serve him in reasonable ways. Never sit while your guest stands. Go hungry rather than stint your guest. If your guest refuses certain food, say nothing; he may be under vow. Protect your guest as one of the family; feed his horse, and beat your dogs if they harm his dog. Do not trouble your guest with many questions about himself; he wiU tell you what he wishes you to know. In another man's lodge follow his customs, not your own. Never worry your host with your troubles. Always repay calls of courtesy; do not delay. Give your host a little present on leaving; little presents are little courtesies and never give offence. Say "Thank you" for every gift, however small. Compliment your host, even if you strain the facts to do so. Never walk between persons talking. Never interrupt persons talking. Let not the young speak among those much older, unless asked. Always give place to your seniors in entering or leaving the lodge; or anywhere. Never sit while your seniors stand. Never force your conversation on any one. Speak softly, especially before your elders, or in presence of strangers.