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48o The Book of Woodcraft ARCHERY a. The bow strung, b. The cord fast at the lower end. c. The cord with loop at upper end. d. Feather ready to tie on. c. Feathers lashed on. I. Holding. sane: iiliyjT^'.mW^TII^^ g gm^J^Uii ii iii : III iiiiifm.iic3 acEi SIX SAMPLE ARROWS, SHOWING DIFFERENT FEATHERS. Aha. far-flying steel-pointed bobtail, very good in wind, B is another very good ar- row, with a horn point. This went even better than A if there were no wind. C is an Omaha war and deer arrow. Both heads and feathers are lashed on with sinew. The Ions tufts of down left on the feathers are to help in finding it again, as they are snow-white and wave in the breeze. The grooves on the shaft are to make the victim bleed more freely and be more easily tracked. D is another Omaha arrow with a peculiar owner's mark of rings carved in the middle. £ is a bone-headed bird shaft made by the Indians of the Macken- zie River. F is a war arrow made by Geronimo, the famous Apache chief. Its shaft is three joints of a straight cane. ^ The tip is of hard wood, and on that is a fine quartz point; all being lashed together with sinew.