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464 The Book of Woodcraft on the ground behind him, and every one of them with a bright red tuft of horsehair at its top, and I knew then that I was Ustening to the voice of Plenty-Coups, the most famous chief on the Upper Missouri, and I realized how a few words from the man of deeds will go further than all the stirring speeches of one who has no record of prowess to back up his threats and fiery denunciations. MAKING THE WAEBONNET Most modern warbonnets take the crown of a felt hat as a basis, but the ancient way was to use a broad buckskin band, as shown in the illustration.

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Tail feathers of the war eagle were considered essential at one time, but many others are now used. I should be sorry to increase a demand which would stimulate pursuit of a noble bird already threatened with extinction. Most of the big feather dealers have what are known as "white quills." These are wing feathers of swans and are