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420 The Book of Woodcraft White Walnut, Oil Nut or Butternut {Juglans cinerea) Much smaller than the last, rarely loo feet high; with much smoother bark and larger, coarser, compound leaves, of fewer leaflets but the petioles or leaflet stalks, and the new twigs are covered with sticky down. The wood is Hght brown, soft, coarse, not strong but very enduring in weather and ground work; hght; leaves 15 to 30 inches long; leaflets 11 to 19 in number and 3 to 5 inches long; fruit oblong 2 to 3 inches long. Nova Scotia to Minn, and south to Miss. Pecan (Hicoria Pecan) A taU slender forest tree in low moist soil along streams, up to 170 feet in height: famous for its delicious nuts, they are smooth and thin shelled; fruit, oblong, cyhndrical, i| to 2I inches long. Its leaves are smooth when mature: leaflets 11 to 15, and 4 to 7 laches long: Wood hard and brittle, a cubic foot weighs 45 lbs. Central Mississippi Valley.