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XV* Forestry Fifty Common Forest Trees of Eastern North America White Pine, Weymouth Pine (Pinus Strobus) A NOBLE evergreen tree, up 16 175 feet high. The lumberman's prize. Its leaves are in bunches of 5, and are 3 to 5 inches long; cones 4 to 8 inches long. Wood pale, soft, straight-grained, easily split. Warps and checks less than any other of our timbers. A cubic foot weighs 24 lbs. (a cubic foot of water weighs 63 lbs.). Minn. & Man. to Nova Scotia and Penna. Red Pine, Canadian Pdste, Norway Pine (Pinus resinosa) Evergreen; somewhat less than the White Pine, with leaves 4 to 6 inches long, in bunches of 2, cones i| to 2 J inches long. Wood darker, harder and lieavier. A cubic foot weighs 30 lbs. Range as above.