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Mushrooms, Fungi, or Toadstools 407 pounds and heard of one weighing forty. In color it is white becoming grayish, yellowish or brown. In shape nearly round with a strong root. It is found in grassy places, Mcllvaine says that we can cut slices from a growing one, day after day, and, if we do not disturb the root, it keeps on neither dying nor ripening for many days. Cuplike Puffball (Calvatia cyaihiformis). Three to six inches in diameter, dull pinkish or ashy brown, often covered with a network of white cracks. Common on open grassy places. Bnin Puffi^lt Morels. To cook Puffballs: Wash clean, peel (other kinds are not peeled), cut out any discolored parts, slice and fry in lard or butter with seasoning. UNCERTAIN KINDS Now for the vast number of uncertain toadstools. Remembering always that any harmless-looking species, like a long-legged ansmic mushroom or like a pretty white parasol, is probably deadly Amanita or Sure-death, and that an odd poisonous-looking freak like a coral, a poker, a