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Mushrooms, Fungi, or Toadstools 395 of the stem is elongated tapering downward; the Napkin Amanitas {map pa), volva circularly spKt; but all will be known by the four characters, poison-cup, ring, white or yellowish gills, and the form shown in the diagram — and all are deadly poison. Amanita phalloides. This wan demon of the woods is probably the deadliest of all vegetable growths. To this pale villain or its kin is traced the responsibility for all deaths on record from toad- stool poisoning. There have been cases of recovery when a strong man got but a little of the poison, but any one mak- ing a meal of this fungus, when beyond reach of medical aid, has but a poor chance of escape. Its poison is a subtle alkaloid akin to rattlesnake venom, it rarely begins to show