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390 The Book of Woodcraft I never once saw the fox himself that made it, and yet I know — and you know — it to be true as I have told it. Deer. BOOKS AND ARTICLES RECOMMENDED "Tracks in the Snow," By E. T. Seton, 5/. Nicholas, March, 1888, p. 338, many diagrams, etc. "American Woodcraft," By E. T. Seton. 2 articles on tracks of animals. Ladies' Home Journal, May and June, 1902, many illustrations. "The Life Histories of Northern Animals," Two large volumes by Ernest Thompson Seton, dealing with habits of animals, and give tracks of nearly all. Scribners, 1909. "Tracks and Tracking," Joseph Brunner. "The Official Handbook," Boy Scouts of America. Doubleday, Page & Co. 50 cents. "Mammals of the Adirondacks," By C. Hart Merriam, M.D. Henry Holt & Co., New York City, Price $2.