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Natural History 349 throat and breast, buffy white on belly. It is known by the long forked tail which is dark with white spots. Famous for its mud nest, it is found in open country about barns in America generally. Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos) . About ten inches long, soft gray above, dull white beneath, wings and tail Mockingbird, black and white, with no black on head — the Mocking- bird is famous for its song, and is found in United States north to New Jersey. Catbird {Dumetella carolinensis). This northern Mock- ingbird is about nine inches long, dark slate in color, with a black-brown cap, black tail and a red patch "on the seat of its pants." It abounds in the Eastern States and Canada, north to Ottawa, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Common House Wren {Troglodytes aedon). This little fairy is about five inches long; soft brown above and brown-