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348 The Book of Woodcraft It is noted for its sweet and constant song, and is found in all well wooded and watered parts of North America. Scarlet Tanager {Piranga erythromelas) . This gorgeous bird is about seven inches long. The plumage of the male is of a flaming scarlet, with black wings and tail; but the female is dull green in color. The Scarlet Tanager is found in the woods of eastern America, up to Ottawa and Lake Winnipeg. Purple Martin (Progne subis). About eight inches in length, with long wings and forked tail, the Purple Martin Purple Martin. Barn Swallow. is everywhere of a shiny bluish or purplish black. Like the Kingbird it attacks any intruder on its lower range. This swallow is found in the wooded regions of east tem- perate America, north to Newfoundland and the Sas- katchewan. Barn Swallow [Eirundro erythrogaster). About seven inches long, this bird is steel-blue above, chestnut on