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3i6 The Book of Woodcraft active sports. As soon as you find you are overburnt, put cold cream, vaseline, sweet-oil, or grease of any kind on the place, and keep it covered up. In a day or two you will be well. But it is best to go slow. Do not get overdone at all, and so have no damage to repair. Male-fern. Sweater: A famous woodman's sweater is tea made from the leaves and twigs of hemlock. Make a gallon of about two pounds of twigs, etc., and sip it all day. Sweet birch. Tapeworm: Boil a pound of smashed-up male^fern or evergreen fern root in a gallon of water till but a pint of fluid is left. A teaspoonful three or four times a day — followed by a purge — is a famous remedy.