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Health and Woodland Medicine 315 plenty of hot water, or better a thin extract of sassafras, or tea made of wintergreen leaves. Keep very warm, so as to get a good sweat. Rub him all over, especially the place afflicted, v/ith grease or vaseline. The only use of these last things is to protect the skin. It is the rubbing that does the good. Alder. The Indian treatment was a Turkish bath, as described later. Sores and wounds: Can be cleansed by washing with hot brine, that is a handful of salt in a quart of water'. Sunburn: If you take your sunburn gradually, a little each day, it doesn't hurt. But if you are foolhardy at first, and expose your white skin, arms, or neck and back to the blaze of the summer sun for a few Jiours you will pay a heavy price. At night you will be in a torment of fever- fire. The punishment may last for days. Huge blisters w'll arise, and you may be obliged for a time to give up all