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XL Games for the Cainp Interesting Pursuits I HAVE always taken the ground that interest is as essential to exercise as relish is to digestion. And for this reason have no use for the Indian clubs or dumb- bells. An ideal exercise is in the open air, employing not only every member vigorously — not violently — but also the faculties including the great coordinating power that is the crowning gift of the athlete — the power to make all parts play the game in the measure needed to secure the best total result. How needful is it then to have interesting pursuits that inspire the Scout to do and be his very best. The appeal to the imagination that is assumed by such games as Spear-throwing and Dispatch-runner is the great- est and most elevating of all. Without some such magical power, no fellow really does the best that is in him. It makes a live wire of every fibre in his make-up. TILTING SPEARS A simple and useful part of the patrol outfit that should be made ready before going into camp is a supply of tilting- spears. I have seen a good many campers try tilting in the water or on the land, and make an utter failure of it, by reason of the absurdly clumsy, heavy spears used. A green