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268 The Book of Woodcraft a Totem-pole of the Sinawa Tribe (15 feet high) b of Flying Eagles c and d from Niblack's West Coast Indians. Eagles and Bears COUNCILS Three kinds of Councils are held in the Council Place: . The High Council of the Chiefs and the Old Guides every morning at 8 o'clock, and at other times when called. . The General or Common Council of all the fellows every night from seven to nine o'clock. At this we have some business (in the awarding of honors), some campfire stunts or challenges, and a little entertainment. . Grand Council. This is usually held once a week. Every one comes in full Scout or Indian dress. Visitors are invited. Business except when very interesting is dispensed with, and a program of sports and amusements, chiefly for the visitors, is carefully prepared. This is "Strangers' Night" and they should be entertained, not bored.